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DSK mToken

Mobile app for order cash transfers


How to request the DSK mToken service from DSK Bank?

  • Visit the most convenient bank office for you and request the use of DSK mToken.

  • We will send you an SMS when your new signing method is ready for acquisition

How DSK mToken is activated by DSK Bank?

1. Download DSK mToken to your phone


2. Log in to DSK Direct and select the menu Settings - DSK mToken & ldquo

3Add a new device and follow the steps described on the screen in DSK Direct

4. Enter the temporary PIN code sent by the Bank as an SMS

5. Set your own PIN or biometric identifier to confirm translations and documents


(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions – DSK mToken

You can activate DSK mToken only on one device – a smartphone or tablet. You will need to install DSK mToken on the device you would like to use and follow the steps in order to activate the service.

If you have forgotten your PIN code you will need to deactivate DSK mToken by accessing the Settings menu and selecting “Reset”. You will also need to log-in to DSK Direct and select “Deactivate” in the DSK mToken Settings menu. You will then need to follow the steps outlined above, so you can activate a new device in the app.

If you have blocked your access to DSK mToken as a result of entering your PIN code incorrectly 5 times in a row, you will need to contact the bank or visit a convenient for you branch location.

If you have switched your mobile phone number, you will need to visit a DSK Bank branch office and request to change it.

DSK mToken can be installed on a device with the operating system:

  • Android 4.4.2 and later
  • iOS 9.3 and later
The mobile application DSK mToken is a highly secure method for signing documents and cannot be used on “rooted” or “jailbroken” mobile devices*.

*devices with a manually adjusted, unofficial or unauthorized version of an operating system

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What is DSK mToken?

DSK mToken is a mobile application that allows you to confirm transfers and documents, completed through online banking DSK Direct for personal and business clients, as well as through the app DSK Smart, and allows you to confirm online payments with your bank cards.


Installing and activating the DSK mToken is completely free. You do not need to carry a device.


High degree of security - two-factor protection of the performed operation.


Offline - You can confirm transfers even when your phone is not connected to the Internet.


You can activate and use the DSK mToken on more than one device.

Your advantages:

With DSK mToken you can:

  • You sign transfers to third party accounts in DSK Bank or other banks

  • You sign mass transfers via a file to third party accounts in DSK Bank or in other banks

  • You sign payroll transfers via file

  • Confirm online payments with bank cards at merchants included in secure payment programs - Visa Secure and MasterCard Identity Check



Signing a transaction with DSK mToken

Step 1

Open DSK mToken by selecting the icon or through the notification you received on your phone.

Step 2

Click the button "Sign""

Step 3

Check the transaction details

Step 4

Confirm the transaction with your PIN code or biometric identification.