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What is PC banking?

By installing a specialized software on workstations indicated by you, you get remote access to your finances in DSK Bank. The electronic access to your accounts can be limited in different ways depending on your executive structure and the delegated rights for signing bank documents.

  • Reliable multilevel protection against unauthorized access

  • Access to your accounts from anywhere, anytime

  • Possibility to store information necessary for the financial management of your company

  • Fully automated mass payments process integrated with an accounting system (Multicash Transfer Autoclient)

  • Supports MT940 format statements

  • Convenient interface for confirming and signing transfers

  • Management of limits and accesses on various levels

  • Possibility for remote installation with a pre-filled application as well as remote assistance through a specialized software

  • Storing ready-made payment orders (templates) that automate the process of recurring monthly payments. Only the date and the amount are filled in


With PC banking you can:

  • Get information regarding:
    Accounts’ balance and operations
    Status of electronic payments
    Currency exchange rate
    Banks and bank offices part of the payment system


  • Perform the following banking operations:

       Intrabank payments in BGN and foreign currency
       Interbank payments in BGN and foreign currency
       Budget payments
       Transfer order for local direct debit
       Agreement for direct debit
       RINGS payments
       Copies of incoming and outgoing БИСЕРА (BISERA) payments in .PDF format
       Mass file payment processing
       Import/export of information with differing content and format
       Negotiating a preferential exchange rate


How much does it cost?

Fees and commissions are applicable in accordance with the Tariff for Business Customers of DSK Bank.


Banking with Multicash


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