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The mobile app for business customers is free of charge. Download it for iOS and Android:

Payments authorization:
  • You can sign with DSK mToken or SMS transfers created in DSK Direct.
Check for details:
  • Details about your current, savings and deposit accounts;
  • Transaction history;
  • Information about bank cards - issued, active, blocked.

Information about products and services:
  • Loans - balance, installment, maturity data, etc.;
  • Deposits - term of the contract, amount, currency.

Frequently Asked Questions:

To access DSK Business, you must be a DSK Bank customer and have requested access to the bank's electronic channels. You will then receive an email with a link to an online page to create a username and password to access DSK Direct and DSK Business.

Download DSK Business from Google Play or App Store on your mobile device. Start the app and enter your username and password that you have already created, then press the "Login" button. You will receive a 6-digit SMS code that your mobile device will recognize and enter automatically. If necessary, you can also enter the code manually. You now have DSK Business mobile banking activated on your mobile device.

You can log in to the DSK Bank mobile banking app with the username and password you have created. When you activate DSK Business, the first time you log in to the app, you can set quick login parameters - PIN code or biometric access. These are finger ID or face recognition (Touch ID/FaceID).

No, a user can only access the app through one device at once. If he successfully logs in on a second, his activation on the first will be deleted.

No, there can only be one activated user per mobile device. If a user represents more than one customer and each customer has a separate username and password, the user must visit a DSK Bank office and obtain a unified account. With this unified profile, he/she will have access to the accounts of all the customers he/she represents.

Now you can sign transfers that have been previously created in DSK Direct through the app. A new version of DSK Business is coming which will enable you to make transfers between your own accounts.

Yes, the app allows you to track balance, details and payments account movements.

Yes, from the "Loans" menu in the app you can get balance, payment and due date information for the loans you have with DSK Bank.

Yes, you can keep track of contract term, amount and currency through the Deposits menu.

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